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Matheus Rocha Pitta

Feed by Matheus Rocha Pitta - Original Art

Feed by Matheus Rocha Pitta - Original Art

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Feed (from the TEN PIZZA COMMANDMENTS series)

Silkscreen on Cardboard Pizza Box 41 x 87 x 4 cm | 2021


The Ten Pizzas Commandmentes are a series of silkscreens on pizzas cardboard. The artist selected ten verbs (which are related to his own repertoire of gestures and contemporary events), to reflect and play on the role of political slogans, who migrated from protests cardboard DIY posters to the surface of packed products.


“Feed” highjacks the very first photograph of a black hole, a historical event that took place in April 2019, whose image Rocha Pitta appropriate from the Wall Street Journal. The celestial body is placed inside a plastic bag, while two hands open it, a third one throws a coin. Its trait of absorbing everything around it becames an anal-cosmic-accumulation device, demanding to be infinitely fed, very grateful for our eternal debt.


The work was printed in 2021 for the homonymous exhibition at CASSTL (Carla Arocha’s, Stéphane Schraenen's, and Luc Tuyman’s non-profit gallery in Antwerp). It is an edition of 100, signed and stamped.   

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