About us

Who we are

Patroa Studio is a wall art business made with love and conscience. In Brazilian popular culture "Patroa", which translates as "female boss", refers to a woman who is in charge, is her own and independent, as we believe all women deserve to be!

From images hailed from old encyclopedias to contemporary authorial designs, we print posters and fine art canvases, using Japanese archival printing ink. Each poster and print is produced on demand and trimmed by hand in our studio in Berlin.

We are a small team of female and queer artists and collaborators, who believe art is a great way to express ourselves. Each of our products reflects the joy, the ethics and the care we put into our business: making not only your home but also our world a more beautiful place.


The Patroa

Patroa Studio's female boss is Maryna Bittencourt, who started the studio in 2022 as a rebrand, after working her previous poster company. As Founder and CMO of the company from 2018 to 2022, she was responsible for the direction and curation, managed collaborators and coordinated the company's transition to online commerce, always focusing on the engagement with their customers.

Art and culture have always been her passions, and by starting Patroa Studio she aligns them with her joy in bringing great people together to deliver products that are custom produced with ethics and care.

At the Patroa Studio, Maryna hand-picks every collection, collaborator, artist and material. Want to know more about what she's selected to make your house a home? Check out our collections.